Picasso, the Writer?

© Instituto Cervantes Tokyo

View of the exhibition, Picasso Escritor, at Instituto Cervantes Tokyo.

Today, an exhibition that explores one of Pablo Picasso’s lesser-known talents opens at Tokyo’s Instituto Cervantes. Picasso Escritor (Picasso, the Writer), initiated by Museo Picasso Málaga, celebrates the Málaga, Spain-born painter who was, it turns out, also a poet.

Picasso, the Writer features facsimiles, photographs and publications relating to Picasso’s literary output, along with poems and a documentary specially produced for the occasion, in which Spanish authors and intellectuals, including the director of the Instituto Cervantes, poet Luis García Montero, reflect upon Picasso and his written work,” according to a press statement.

Having traveled first to Beijing and Shanghai in 2019, the exhibition’s stop in Japan will take the opportunity to illustrate Picasso’s relationship to Japanese author Kuninosuke Matsuo and to showcase six original ceramics by Picasso, courtesy of art collector Toshiyasu Fujinawa, president of the Yoku Moku cookie company.

The exhibition runs through September 30. For those who won’t make it to Japan this summer, an exhibition catalogue has been published. For more information on how to see the exhibition, visit: picasso-escritor-junio16-24.peatix.com.