The Palindromists

Love language and wordplay, puns and palindromes (you know, those words and phrases that read the same backwards and forwards)? Well, you're not alone. Following a popular 2015 short film called A Man, A Plan, A Palindrome, documentary filmmakers Vince Clemente and Adam Cornelius decided to continue following--and filming--the world's greatest palindrome writers. Today they launched an Indiegogo campaign to finance the final phases of post-production of a feature-length documentary titled The Palindromists.

Starring New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz, children's author/illustrator Jon Agee, entertainer Weird Al Yankovic, and actress and author Danica McKellar, The Palindromists delves into "the history of palindromes while following the world's greatest palindromists as they prepare for the 2017 World Palindrome Championship." You can preview the trailer here:

Say the filmmakers, "With the necessary funds, this film will find its rightful place on the shelf next to the other great 'geek' documentaries of the past 20 years."