News | March 12, 2024

Page from Asterix in Corsica Sold for $106,000

Heritage Auctions

The page from Asterix in Corsica

A page from Albert Uderzo’s Asterix in Corsica, which first appeared in the January 1967 issue of Pilote, was sold for $106,250 at Heritage Auctions' latest International Original Art auction.

It features characteristic humor, Obelix with wild boars under his arms, a magnificent visual of Asterix, and a historical backdrop.

Among the event’s top lots was one of the numerous works offered by Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, who was represented by nearly two dozen works including a striking closeup of his spiked-helmeted cosmic creation Major Grubert which realized $75,000. This piece originally appeared in 1977’s Métal Hurlant No. 15 as part of the story Le garage hermétique de Jerry Cornélius.

Other highlights included:

  • one of André Franquin’s original Gaston Lagaffe Gags (No. 839, dating to 1978) which went for $56,250.
  • Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim Sunday strip from December 10, 1939, with Flash sleighriding across a tundra to escape The Great Glacier Monster, sold for $51,250.
  • a four-panel The Phantom daily strip from May 15, 1936, by Ray Moore featuring The Phantom and his wife-to-be Diana arguing over secret plots and hidden treasures which realized $37,500.
  • a Don Rosa splash page from 1994’s Donald Duck & Company, originally published in Denmark and featuring a nostalgic Scrooge McDuck, which sold for $45,000