Travelogue | April 2011 | Deb Burst

New York City, a city where dreams come true

I adore New York, and after reading the new issue of Fine Books & Collection highlighting the city and the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, it brought back fond memories of my fist visit with my daughter. It was just weeks before Christmas 2008 and with our love for history and the arts along with her career in advertising and mine in writing, New York was the perfect destination.

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Like any other vacation I had my wish list and the top three was visiting the New York City Public Library, watching the Today Show journalists in action, and a New York snowfall...remember I am a southern gal.
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And New York never disappoints!!

Thumbing through the pages of the April issue of FB&C, I could feel those familiar vibes when I came across the Richard Goodman piece, "Scholars in the Stacks." It introduces the reader to the library's Cullman Center where each year a select few, fifteen men and women, are chosen to study inside the center for an entire year. Although it's a lifetime opportunity few of us will ever experience, I'm sure covering the story had to be the next best thing.

But just visiting the library is pure magic!!
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A library certainly inspires most everyone, but for a town revered for its mammoth productions, the NYC library goes beyond the norm. In addition to its coveted book collections, there was the exquisite art and intricate woodwork. Mesmerized, I stopped at the wood-framed gate and read the inscription, "A good Booke is the pretious lifeblood of a mafter fpirit, imbalm'd and treafur'd up on purpofe to a life beyond life."

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I continued my journey past the deep encrusted goldframed ceiling through the next set of doors finally to the main hall where long tables of people sat reading books. We had seen MOMA and a special showing of VanGogh, but this was MY Van Gogh!

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Then we stepped outside and it started snowing!!

On our last day bad weather kept us from going to Rockefeller Square to catch the Today Show live so we packed our bags watching our New Orleans sweetheart, Hoda Kotb on TV.

My daughter and I took a quick ride on the subway and walking back to our hotel to catch our flight, my daughter caught a glimpse of Hoda marching down 44st Street in her high heels.

I gave chase yelling, "Hoda, Hoda, I'm from New Orleans and we just love you." She gave me the biggest hug, we chatted, and took pictures. And exactly four months from that day, I landed an interview with Hoda Kotb...a writer's dream.

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Kudos to FB&C for showcasing New York, a city where dreams come true and miracles really do happen.