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The current exhibit at the Historic New Orleans Collection showcases "The 18th Star: Treasures from 200 Years of Louisiana Statehood." On display until January 29, 2012, the exhibit highlights keepsakes, mementos, valuable materials and some of the collection's signature holdings. The selections are presented in chronological order featuring political and military history, arts and literature, as

Pamela Binnings Ewen has crafted another masterpiece that explores real-life drama spun deep inside historical fiction. The seed of Dancing on Glass was sown from an evening ritual with husband Jimmy sitting on their back deck overlooking a golf course and cypress swamp. During the twilight hour just as the birds began to roost, every

After a well rehearsed tour of the historic Palmer House in Stonington, Connecticut, I felt compelled to take pictures of a rambling stone fence. Taking advantage of the early morning light and a fresh coat of morning dew, my lens spied an odd shaped building with slanted roof. Shaped like an ark with a long wall of windows, the Richard W. Woolworth Library pays tribute to the brave souls

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground (JTHG) follows the footsteps of our founding fathers in a 180-mile journey along a four-state region, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia, from Gettysburg to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Explore the changing landscapes from rolling mountain ranges to softly plowed fields, study the architecture from
Hank Holland has lived with Cerebral Palsy all his life, but today he finds salvation inside a canvas living with his family in the twilight landscapes of Lockport, Louisiana. Following his mother's footsteps, Hank is a self-taught artist and believes his art is a testament in how to overcome obstacles and realize your dreams. Just three years ago
The Hotel Monteleone is celebrating its 125th anniversary and since 1999 has owned the title of Literary Landmark awarded by the American Library Association, a distinction shared with only three hotels in the country. The Monteleone has long been a favorite haunt of distinguished southern authors with many immortalizing the hotel in their work. Richard
I adore New York, and after reading the new issue of Fine Books & Collection highlighting the city and the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, it brought back fond memories of my fist visit with my daughter. It was just weeks before Christmas 2008 and with our love for history and the arts along with her career in advertising and mine in writing, New York was the perfect destination.
While we're led to believe any job is better than no job, young twenty-something Laura Dodd, a New Orleans native, had a different opinion. She sent an email to her contacts asking about their "career" experience. The message went viral and the emails began to mount with people confessing frustrations in their careers. Dodd decided to bring together what she called, "honest, candid, over-a
The New Orleans Tennessee Williams Literary Festival was a huge success staying true to  Williams' relentless drive for perfection. One of my favorite sessions are the master classes where experts from around the country offer their expertise in various literary genres. Jane Ciabattari, president of the National Book Critics Circle, award-winning fiction writer, prolific book reviewer, widely