October 2012 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Mystical Places Press

FallingbofM.jpgBook artist Jill Timm sent me this photo of her 'Book of the Month,' Falling Leaves, and it seemed so appropriate to share on this perfect autumn day. It's a tunnel book--a 3-D book that you can look into--which holds leaf images and poetry. The images were real leaves, scanned into a computer for arrangement and then printed out on archival transparency film. Falling Leaves was made in an edition of one hundred. More images can be seen here.

Timm runs Mystical Places Press, "a publisher of limited edition, hand-crafted books that celebrate the spirit of and aesthetics of the natural environment" in Wenatchee, Washington. What a fine combination -- nature and books.

3magic.jpgAnother of her books is titled Earth Magic and it is literally covered in sliced, polished rock. It's a miniature book in an edition of fifty, and the insides are filled with postage stamps about gems and minerals. As a former rock collector and current book collector, I find this one very cool.