August 2015 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Miniature Books Conclave

800px-Miniature_DNF_Dictionary_055_ubt.JPGThe Miniature Book Society, a small (pun intended) faction of collectors within the larger book collecting community, will meet for its annual gathering this weekend in Amsterdam. A miniature book, by definition, may not exceed three inches in height, length, or width. The 23rd "Grand Conclave" will bring together tiny tome enthusiasts for lectures, a silent auction, and a book fair. There are museum tours as well, and the highlight this year is sure to be the Bibliotheca Thurkowiana minor, a miniature library of 1,515 books collected by Guus and Luce Thurkow that is now housed at the Museum Meermanno in The Hague.

Past conclaves have been held in Boston, Vancouver, and Asheville, North Carolina, which we covered back in 2012.

Image: A miniature Danish-Norwegian-French dictionary. ©2010 Tomasz Sienicki via Wikimedia Commons.