September 2013 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Luxury Hotel Library in Dallas

Hotel_Large_ph41.jpgThe Joule, a luxury hotel in Dallas, Texas, debuted its Taschen Library last week, taking a page from the numerous hotels now offering literary amenities (see the NYT, July 29, 2013, "Hotels Add Libraries to Keep Guests Inside"; and recall that New York's Plaza Hotel boasts an Assouline shop). Taschen, a publisher known for glamorous art books and limited editions, is a good fit for the high-end hotel that hosts its own modern art gallery. A  Dallas Morning News writer was "surprised and delighted" by her visit to the Taschen Library. She wrote, "Did you hear the happy squeals coming from the Joule Hotel last week? That was me, on glimpsing the literary wonder that is the Taschen Library, the Joule's jewel box of a bookshop." Like a good library, browsing is free, but you can, of course, buy books at this one--volumes range from $10-$1,000+.

Image courtesy of The Joule.

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