Loving Lovecraft

Have you read this month's feature story on H.P. Lovecraft and his beloved city of Providence, Rhode Island? Up until I read it a few months ago, when a freelancer pitched it to me, I didn't know much of anything about Lovecraft. Then I visited the book fairs in New York and saw his name pop up in half a dozen places. Funny how that happens.

For those of you interested in antiquarian Lovecraft material, two great booksellers to start with are those whose material was featured in our article. L.W. Currey, Inc. of Elizabethtown, NY, provided the image of The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and he has so much more available in his shop. Bloody Rare Books of Exeter, NH, allowed us to use an image of their copy of "The Shunned House." They too have much more Lovecraft on hand.