May 2013 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Intellectual Property Prints

Daniel Rolnik and Ryan McIntosh of Intellectual Property Prints in Los Angeles are launching a run of 100% handmade fine-art screenprints. Timed to support the annual Venice Art Walk auction on May 19th, IPP will debut ten new prints by artists from all genres of contemporary art, including: Gary Baseman (subversive art), Jason Shawn Alexander (fine art), Bob Dob (pop surrealism), David Flores (vinyl toys), Daniel Edwards (sculpture), Christine Wu (fine art Illustration), Gregory Siff (street art), Eric Joyner (lowbrow), and Michael Sieben (skateboard illustration).

To see teasers of prints being produced, visit:

Or check out this video of Bob Dob, whose new 3-color screenprint, "Blood Orange," made in an edition of fifty, is one of the featured IPP prints.