Imaginary Friends and Secret Pie

I have a secret. 

Can I trust you?  I've pulled a fast one on the folks at Fine Books & Collections.  I am not a mysterious special collections librarian.  I'm a mysterious museum curator (huge difference) who has his fingers in a lot of pies.  I like a lot of pie.  I am also involved in several bibliophilic ventures, projects and yes, even revolutions that I talk about on my blog, The Exile Bibliophile, because it's basically my imaginary friend. 

I'll outline some of these ideas and projects in the weeks to come and thought I'd introduce myself.  I'm so excited about this new project for Fine Books & Collections, all my dust jackets are getting fresh Brodarts in case anyone drops by.  Seriously, drop by.  After all, I'm that other guy.  I don't reek of globe-trotting ozone, I don't have multiple book fairs within spittin' distance or coffee dates with Pulitzer Prize winners.  I'm like you.  A bibliophile quietly collecting, praying my wife doesn't use her superpowers to destroy me.  See, just like you. 

I knew I could trust you.