Benjamin L Clark - The Exile Bibliophile

I think I get it. I know, I'm probably the last blogger of the biblioblogosphere to talk about e-readers, but I think I just got it.

I love books as things. The physical artifact. Paper, ink, boards, cloth, leather, all of it. I have not really understood the fascination with e-books. Until now. They seem pretty unsatisfactory, by and large, but are improving. I'll also admit I have
Every bibliophile wants to hunt at Larry McMurtry's Booked Up in Archer City, Texas.  At least you should.  It was my pleasure to organize such a trip for the toddling Bibliophiles of Oklahoma back in January.

One area I collect in is books
I have a secret. 

Can I trust you?  I've pulled a fast one on the folks at Fine Books & Collections.  I am not a mysterious special collections librarian.  I'm a mysterious museum curator (huge difference) who has his fingers in a lot of pies.  I like a lot of pie.  I am also involved in several bibliophilic ventures, projects and yes, even revolutions that I talk about on my