January 2010 | Nate Pedersen

Harold Pinter's Stolen Book

Though a month old now, this interesting news story popped up in the Times last December.  Harold Pinter, the Nobel Prize winning playwright, "borrowed" a first edition of a rare Samuel Beckett title from Bermondsey's Central Library... in 1950.  Sixty years later, the same book was discovered by the antiquarian firm Maggs Brothers, in London, while preparing a catalogue of Pinter's extensive book collection.  In a pleasing display of bookseller honesty, Ed Maggs arranged to pay the Southwark Council (which succeeded the Bermondsey Council) £2000 in order to keep the book with the collection.  Appropriately,the money went toward funding creative writing classes.  As for the book, a very rare first edition of Murphy, published in 1938, it was sold to a private collector along with the rest of Pinter's collection.

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