News | June 18, 2012

"Get a Spine" Blog Launched Today

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Today marks the launching of the new used-book blog, "Get a Spine" (, which chronicles two book lovers' pursuit of used classic literature, and the people they meet and places they go while in search of works to add to their home library.

Inspired in large part by a love of great literature and a strong belief in the importance of physical books and brick-and-mortar bookstores, "Get a Spine" is intended to be as much about the adventure as it is the acquisition. It is the moments of discovery, of surprise, and of joy that often accompany an outing in search of used classics that create a full story, and give the book a life of its own -- by the memories associated with the discovery -- once it's in our house.

As our first post on the newly launched site says:

"Some regular features of 'Get a Spine' will include: bookseller reviews from the places we visit; a book events and happenings calendar; a series we're calling "The Spine Nine," which asks the different booksellers we encounter the same nine questions about who they are, what they do, etc.; an 'Inside the Book' feature detailing the kinds of things one finds between the pages of a used book that aren't related to the story at all; an 'Overheard at ...' series, where we post some of the fun/funny/odd/other things we hear in our searching; links to resources and other sites/blogs of interest to used-book seekers; news related to used books and classic literature; and, of course, details about what we find, how we found it, and why we added it to our library. Plus, there will be much more to come as we go."

At "Get a Spine," we believe foremost that great works of literature are a supreme form of art, but we also strongly believe that a book, in its physical form, is often a work of art itself. We also believe the books we collect should be read. Our library is not a museum, and we don't want to live in a world where actual books are only display pieces.

Readers of/visitors to "Get a Spine" will have the opportunity to subscribe to the site to receive new posts when they are added; leave comments and/or suggestions or contact us about bookstores we should visit, editions we are seeking, information on sales, upcoming book events we should list, etc.; read bookseller reviews; view our card catalog; and hopefully get as much out of keeping up with "Get a Spine" as we do putting into it. It's a celebration of used books, classic literature, and the people who carry the torch for both.

About us

Deborah: Has read Pride and Prejudice eight times (once in Spanish). ... NaNoWriMo 2008 Winner. ... Holds a BA in English because she loves great works of literature, and a Graduate Certificate in Publishing because she needed a job. ... Has had library cards in six states and two countries. ... Top five favorite novels of all time: Bleak House (Dickens), Pride and Prejudice (Austen), Love in the Time of Cholera (Garcia Marquez), Jane Eyre (Brönte), The Razor's Edge (Maugham).

Kristian: Grew up in Cooperstown, N.Y., which is famous for being the home of America's first great and world-renowned novelist, James Fenimore Cooper. And also for the Baseball Hall of Fame. ... Once spent an 18th-birthday gift of $100 on used classic novels in Madison, Wis. ... Has cataloged and entered holdings for university and state historical society libraries. ... Re-discovered his love of spending time with great works of fiction after spending too many years without them.