July 2013 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Framed First Editions

framed.JPGCall it the ultimate in book preservation or the fuller realization of the book as a work of art, or the inevitable resting place for the codex -- a framed first edition. The Jones Brothers, a luxury book boutique in London, unveiled this week a line of framed books. The collectible books are protected behind UV-blocking glass and sealed in to prevent dust from accumulating. Inside the frame, the book sits on a tightly suspended acid-free ribbon to hold it in place, thus ensuring no harm to the book.

Charlie Jones of The Jones Brothers said the first set is just reaching completion. The booksellers were commissioned by a client who wanted a complete Ian Fleming collection in frames. "We tend to work on commissions rather than hold too much stock," Jones told me by email. "[We] will source a book and frame it for someone. This is because both the book and the framing style can be very personal choices." He added that they are also working on a framed open music book in a large gilt frame.

Pictured here is a first edition of Fleming's Goldfinger set on black boards with a chrome frame. It goes for £3,500 ($5,295).

Image courtesy of The Jones Brothers