March 2010 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Finance Museum Book/Catalogue Giveaway

The Museum of American Finance in New York City is giving away books! It's an online special sale on books and exhibit catalogues, some of which may be of interest, particularly to collectors of financial books, documents, stock/bond certificates, etc. The only cost to buyers is $7.75 for shipping & handling. I can personally vouch for one of the books -- I relied on Scripophily: The Art of Finance by Keith Hollender when I wrote a feature on scripophily in the May/June 2008 issue of FB&C (a version of which can still be read online at the International Bond and Share Society's website.) The other titles include Financing the American Revolution by Udo Hielscher, Document Stories by Sanford Mock, America, Money and War: Financing the Civil War (catalogue), and Rags to Riches (catalogue).