September 2018 | Rebecca Rego Barry

"Ex Libris" on PBS

Director Frederick Wiseman's 2017 documentary on the New York Public Library, Ex Libris, premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. on PBS.

Copyright The New York Public Library (1) copy.jpgFeaturing Patti Smith, Richard Dawkins, and Elvis Costello, as well as librarians, library staffers, and patrons young and old, the documentary covers (or makes a valiant effort at covering) the breadth and depth of the NYPL's ninety-two branches in just over two hours. One reviewer called it "The Best Thing to Happen to Libraries Since the Dewey Decimal System." Watch a two-minute preview here.

Best teaser: "Andy Warhol stole lots of stuff from us."

Image courtesy of the NYPL via PBS