Collector & Olympian Kim Rhode Wins Fifth Medal

Readers may recall our spring column on Kim Rhode, a 33-year-old Olympian with a penchant for children's books. The California native won a gold medal in skeet shooting at the London Olympics this past weekend, becoming the first US athlete to medal in five consecutive Olympic games.

Her passion for sport is akin to her passion for books. She told us, "I'll definitely continue collecting until the day I die. I think books are becoming obsolete, so I see what I'm doing as preserving history, the heritage of parents reading to their kids. I don't see myself ever getting bored. Collecting is something that's constantly changing. I'm always updating and growing and getting better."

We wonder if Rhode has had a chance to go hunting for her 'holy grail,' a first edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit in dust jacket, while she's been in London.