Braveheart Returns

It was reported in yesterday's Scotsman newspaper that Scotland has take steps toward repatriation of a 700-year-old 'medieval passport' believed to have been owned by Scottish hero William Wallace. The document has been in English hands since they hanged Wallace in 1305. It is currently held in the National Archives in Surrey, and many Scots are asking for its return to its homeland. From the article:

The medieval "passport" is said to have been found in a pouch on his belt prior to his execution. George MacKenzie, Keeper of the Records of Scotland, said: "It is remarkable how a 700-year-old document still stirs such emotion today."

According to the National Archives of Scotland, "An academic research group of distinguished historians and archivists from Scotland, England and France will study the document's provenance, to find out where and why it was created...The group will conclude its work with a seminar on the document at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh in the spring of 2011 and present a report to Scottish and UK ministers. Based on this report, there will be an agreement on the future custody of the document...An exhibition on the document is planned in Edinburgh during 2012, to tie in with the culture and creativity focus of the Homecoming legacy. It will feature the latest virtualisation technologies allowing visitors to experience the document."