January 2010 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Books of the Century

1) What year was Zane Grey's The Man of the Forest a bestseller?
2) In 1957, the Book of the Month Club featured this title by Winston Churchill...
3) Who wrote 1976's #1 fiction bestseller and what was it?

Why the pop quiz on this Tuesday morning? Because Daniel Immerwahr, a grad student at the University of California, Berkeley collated all this information about twentieth-century books on his new website, Books of the Century. You can search by year or by decade for bestsellers (as recorded by Publishers Weekly), BOMC selections, and other historically significant titles.

Immerwahr wrote about this cool new resource: "I hope that it will be useful to those interested in the history of publishing as well as those interested in the intellectual and cultural history of the United States."

And thanks for playing!
1) 1920; 2) The Age of Revolution; 3) Leon Uris, Trinity