Fairs | February 2011 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Books in California Preview, part 2; or, the Women of Book Arts

From Pasadena, booksellers and buyers (particularly those interested in books arts, fine press, and artist's books) will make their way north to Berkeley, on the University of CA campus, where the third biennial CODEX International Book Fair and Symposium opens on Feb. 6 (and runs through Feb. 9). Book artist and FB&C Book Art columnist Richard Minsky will post his impressions during and after the fair on this blog. Until then, here's a preview of five amazing books to see there.

Alice Austin Artists Books of Philadelphia, PA, will be there with Nolli (seen above), an exploration of the textural layers of Rome, by Alice Austin and Jon Snyder, was inspired by the Giambattista Nolli map of Rome, 1748. Alice told me via email, "The book was folded from one sheet of paper which was printed offset lithography in six colors, which required six runs through the Heidelberg Kors press, at the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA."

Theia Mania_0164.jpg
credit: Alicia Bailey

Alicia Bailey of Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, CO, has a beautiful book of love potions and spells, just in time for Valentine's Day. As seen above, Theia Mania (madness of the gods, or the Greek term for 'love at first sight') is a collaborative work including 4 books and an audio CD housed in an aluminum box. Over 25 individuals participated in its production, which was executed by Alicia Bailey at Ravenpress. Another piece from Abecedarian is Fibre Libri, by Bridgit Elmer of Flatbed Splendor. Alicia tells us, "It is an artist's book that tells the story of a group of people, learning about free software while learning to make paper."

Book artist Maria Pisano will introduce two new books from Memory Press, Viva Voce and Breathe. In an edition of 20, Viva Voce is a response to landays taken from Songs of Love and War: Afghan Women's Poetry, collected by Sayd Bahadine Marjouh, who was subsequently assassinated. Pisano will also feature Breathe (seen above), a response to The Flower Soul, a poem by Imogen Brashear Oakley. A limited edition artist's book, designed, printed--intaglio and relief--and bound by the artist, on Rives BFK and vellum. The text is handset and jointly printed on a Vandercook with Alan Runfeldt.

Anagram Press will showcase Chandler O'Leary's newest artist book, Local Conditions: One Hundred Views of Mt. Rainier (seen above). Local Conditions is an interactive artist book, capturing the changing faces of Mt. Rainier. The book contains 120 image flats and a viewing box; by combining and layering the flats, the reader can create literally millions of scenes. Illustrated and compiled from data collected by O'Leary, on location, over the course of two years. Letterpress printed, hand-watercolored, housed in a set of drawers with nested stab-bound book and Japanese-style outer wrapper. Edition of 26 books.

Sarah Horowitz1027.jpg
Sarah Horowitz of Wiesedruck Press will be featuring her recently completed work, Archeologies of Loss, a limited edition book of poems by Sarah Lantz and chine colle, botanical etchings by Sarah Horowitz, with a remembrance by Eleanor Wilner. She'll also be showing a new broadside of William Blake's poem "Ah! Sun-flower" with a small sunflower etching.

For a complete list of exhibitors, click here. Enjoy!