Bid for The Paris Review

The Paris Review is holding an online holiday auction. So if you're in the market for some unique, tres literary gifts--like naming a character in an upcoming novel, high tea with an author, or a literary tour of Greenwich Village--take a look at its auction on Bidding for Good, now through Dec. 11. What other treasures await?
Bolano.jpgOriginal artwork by Leanne Shapton for Robert Bolano's The Third Reich. There are four pieces available, as well as a working sketch of captions. The illustration seen here appeared on the front cover of The Paris Review and in the first serialization of Bolano's novel. Signed and framed in a shadowbox. There is already spirited bidding on this piece, which is estimated at $750.
Lethem.jpgThe Paris Review, No. 166, signed by author Jonathan Lethem, is valued at $100, but $35 is the current bid.

Rose-lawn med.jpg

A weeklong stay at the Styrons' five-bedroom guesthouse in Martha's Vineyard is still holding at half its estimated value of $4,000.

C'est magnifique!