The Best Bookish Blog You May Not Be Reading

While books about book collecting abound, have you ever wished you had a comprehensive collection of internet resources about books and book collecting at your fingertips? Wouldn't it be great to have list of literary and specialized book terms, a list of bookish organizations, bibliographic resources, bookish blogs and podcasts, and regional centers for the book all available at the click of your mouse?

Wouldn't it be even better for those who still have more to learn about book collecting (and that's most of us) to learn about the various types of books and collecting strategies with real-life examples.

Wish no more. 

The Private Library is your go-to resource for all of the above. Written by book collector and librarian, L.D. Mitchell, this blog offers comprehensive and comprehensible bookish information at your fingertips. Best of all, the author of the blog welcomes comments and interaction. Bookish discussion is encouraged by leaving comments. Check it out.

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