Behind the Bookshelves: The Podcast

The folks at AbeBooks have decided to throw their hats into the podcast ring; as of March 20, "Behind the Bookshelves" explores book culture in bite-size portions. So far, the first five episodes examined the Penguin paperback reading revolution, the story behind Alcoholics Anonymous's bestselling Big Book, a literary tour of Oxford, the meteoric popularity and subsequent controversy surrounding the 1979 publication of Masquerade, and the globetrotting adventures of Mark Twain. Hosted by AbeBooks publicity director Richard Davies, each seven- to ten-minute show opens with the satisfying clack of a typewriter before launching into the story at hand.

"It's experimental at the moment," said Davies. "But we hope the podcast will appeal to readers and collectors, and anyone who loves a good story." Davies plans to attend next month's the ABA's Rare Book Fair in Battersea where he anticipates sleuthing down at least a few stories for future episodes.

Listen or download "Behind the Bookshelves" at the links below, and let the Abe team know what you'd like to hear about next! 

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