July 2010 | Jonathan Shipley

The Art of McSweeney's

Some twelve years ago, Dave Eggers started a literary journal. It was called McSweeney's. It is now a literary empire. They publish books. They produce DVDs. They've created The Believer magazine. Their website is a daily chuckle-fest. Their publications have won oodles of awards from AIGA and Print, amongst many others. Their work has appeared in the Pasadena Museum and in that one museum in Washington, D.C. called the Smithsonian.

To celebrate their creativity, their artistry, the words they've produced and the use of graphic design that is unparalleled, Chronicle Books is publishing Art of McSweeney's. Within its pages? Interviews with McSweeney's collaborators like Chris Ware and Michael Chabon and a plethora of insights in regards to their creative process.