Zoom Meeting "Ex-libris Art and Provenance- The Fascination of Bookplates"

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Anthony Pincott, for many years a bookplate collector and member of The Bookplate Society, will give an online talk entitled "Ex-libris Art and Provenance- The Fascination of Bookplates"

It will be illustrated by examples of pictorial and heraldic bookplates (ex-libris) of generations of book owners. There exist tens of thousands of British bookplates, so a theme was chosen when selecting images, namely a connection with the university and city of Oxford.

These printed marks of book ownership span more than three centuries in a wide range of styles, displayed in chronological sequence, where the artform and biography are intertwined.

Well-known artists from Wenceslas Holler to Rex Whistler have produced bookplates,
and particular attention is given to engravers who worked in Oxford. Delve into a world of personal history recalling academics and heralds, politicians, bibliophiles and authors, the famous ,and also some folk whose memory is kept alive only by their bookplates.

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Everyone should arrive ten minutes early with their cameras off and microphones muted.

Participation is free but places are limited and require advance booking.