Paris Map Fair

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

The fair includes antique maps, atlases, globes, city views and travel books.

Loeb-Larocque, Librairie LeBail, Pingel Rare Books, Pingel Rare Books, Sylvie et Roland Rossignol, Gonzalo Fernández Pontes Libros y Mapas antiguos are only some of the 34 dealers who will be showing atlases, maps, town views and travel books from all parts of the world. Specialist antique globe dealers Bart DeRoo and Paulus Swaen Europe will be showing a fine selection of globes and surveying instruments.

The map dealers Barry Ruderman, Neatline Antique maps, RD Rare Books and Maps and Geographicus from the USA and TMecca from South Korea are our non-European participants much adding to the international character of the fair.

Expo "Down to Earth - Geological Maps" . - A small but interesting expo is included showing 18th - 20 century Geological maps.

Geologic maps represent the distribution of different types of rock and surficial deposits, as well as locations of geologic structures such as faults and folds. Geologic maps are the primary source of information for various aspects of land-use planning, including the siting of buildings and transportation systems.

The world’s oldest geological map ever found was drawn around 1150 BC to document an expedition by a pharaoh to retrieve building stone in Egypt.

It is considered that the first attempt to make a geological map was proposed by Jean-Étienne Guettard in his book “Mémoire et carte minéralogique sur la nature et la situation des terrains qui traversent la France et l'Angleterre” (A mineralogical survey and map of the type and location of terrain underlying France & England) in 1746. It was not until the 19th century that the first major advances occurred with a sketch of a geological map of the Paris basin on a scale of 1:800,000 made by Jean-Baptiste Julien d'Omalius d'Halloy in 1816.

Free estimation of your maps, atlases, globes and instruments

11am - 6pm

Free entree

Fri, Nov 3rd 7pm - 8pm. Free entry - by reservation only.

Cocktail reception in Salle Mogador of the Ambassador Hotel
Open for visitors & participating dealers. The reception will feature a premium open bar.
This is a great opportunity to meet all of the dealers in an unwinded atmosphere before the fair.

Hotel Ambassador
16 Bd Haussmann

Paris, UK

48.872386618186, 2.33681205

Paris Map Fair