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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

The Legendary Vladi Collection of Historical Maps
One of the world's preeminent map collection comes to auction

The auction will include over 300 examples of the finest quality antique maps, with proceeds benefiting MapAction, an organization that uses maps to aid those in disaster-stricken areas. In addition to a discerning collector of maps, Farhad Vladi, is the foremost international island broker, having sold more than 2,000 private islands over his near five-decade career. His interest in antique maps was born out of his interest in islands. Whenever he represented an island, he would seek out antique maps of that island to gift to his clients. What began as a generous gesture burgeoned into a world-class collection.

In addition to individual maps, the collection includes atlases and map sets. The atlases in the collection by Ortelius and Mercator, the inventors of the modern-day atlas, are exquisite examples with very fine coloring. One of the most sought-after examples of the history of cartography is the set of maps by Willem Jansz Blaeu, all colored by hand, that depict the world as known to his contemporaries of the four continents.


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