Summer 2016

A Breath of Jane Eyre

Revisiting Haworth on the bicentennial of Charlotte Brontë's birth

By A. N. Devers

Relations Between Poetry and Painting

American poet Wallace Stevens adored French art. Sixty years after his death, his prized collection is for sale.

By John McIntyre

Gently Mad

A Dante Devotee

Novelist Matthew Pearl’s leap into the Inferno


Ed Ruscha’s Archive

book Mental Photographs

art Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

object Passports of the Rich and Famous


A Colorful Cosmographia

Ptolemy prevails

In View

Extra-Ordinary Pictures

Art in the age of stock photography

Beyond the Basics

An Introduction to Introductions

Why reading the prefatory material is essential

In the Library

Women at Work

Inside the Lisa Unger Baskin Collection at Duke


Snow White, Tintin, and… Macbeth

A roundup of first editions, maps, manuscripts, and fine art

Fine Maps

A River Runs Through It

Benjamin Franklin charts the Gulf Stream

On the Block

Beyond All Expectations

Mohamed and Margaret Makiya’s library

How I Got Started

Modern Indian Authors & Cricketing

Collector V. R. Ferose