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January 2022

Reading booksellers' and auction house catalogues is one of the best ways to learn about book collecting, and developing relationships with dealers in your field is the best way to get good books. Most booksellers offer new material to existing customers before they list it online. Many of the best books never hit the web.

Raptis Rare Books
Kelmscott Bookshop
Honey & Wax Booksellers

Raptis Rare Books

For the Collection of a Lifetime, 113 pages

Kelmscott Bookshop

#18: Artists’ Books & Private Press, Miniature Books, Movables, History, Literature, Art, Travel &Exploration, & More, 158 items

Honey & Wax Booksellers

#10: Use Books as Bees Use Flowers, 54 items

Blackwell’s Rare Books

#B198, 100 items

Bull’s Head Rare Books

#2: Not Fair: Fine & Rare Material in Various Fields, 50 items

Peter Harrington Books

Christmas 2021, 241 items

Nudelman Rare Books


Sumner & Stillman

#187: Literary First Editions, 93 items

Type & Forme Twenties

#4: Modern First Editions: Literature in English, 20 items

Whitmore Rare Books

#23: Fall 2021 & Holiday Catalogue 2021, 75 & 60 items

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