The ever-popular Miss Austen

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cbjheader.jpgBack in November, I blogged about Dr. Maureen E. Mulvihill’s essay on the Peyraud collection sale, “Literary Property Changing Hands.” Mulvihill has now written another piece of interest to FB&C readers, this one a multimedia exhibition review of the Morgan Library’s recent Austen exhibit titled “Captured by Jane,” published by the Jane Austen Centre Online Magazine in Bath. Writes Mulvihill, “The Morgan’s Austen show was the literary success of New York City’s 2009-2010 winter season; it also was the first major show on this English novelist in the United States.” She later adds, “The exhibition’s two busy curators did not merely ‘hang a show’: they created a portal--a ventricle--to Jane Austen and her Regency world.”

If you missed it, Mulvihill’s essay will take you there. An online version of the exhibit is available too.

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