Fairs | September 2010 | Christopher Lancette

What would you like to ask National Book Festival authors?

What would you like to ask an author at Saturday's National Book Festival? 

I'll try to serve as a personal backstage pass for some Fine Books & Collections readers if you send me questions. 

Here's how this will work: I'll step into the media tent off and on throughout the day with notebook and i-phone in hand. You send me a question via Twitter @chrislancette. I'll pick some of the most interesting questions and see if I can ask them to the author of your choice on your behalf. In your Tweet to me, simply start with the author's last name and ask your question. Throw in the hashtag (#NBF) for the festival so everyone can follow the kinds of questions that you propose. Your Tweet would look like this once you Follow me:

@chrislancette: Remnick: What most surprised you about researching Obama biography? #NBF.

That's all there is to it. I'll do what I can to get some answers for you, sharing them in a blog post I'll write after the event. If authors give me answers short enough for a Tweet, I'll respond as soon as I get the answers and can use the Twitter app on my phone. If you're not a Twitter user, visit Twitter today and check it out. It's a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for a series of Tweets from the festival. To help you get started forming your questions, check out the National Book Festival blog post I wrote the other day.

Look for me in person if you're at the event. I'll be the guy wearing a gray t-shirt with the bearded face of Henry David Thoreau on it. I'll see if I can hit our editor up for a little gift or two for the first few people who spot me and mention Fine Books & Collections magazine.

Tweet away, loyal readers.