February 2009 | Fine Books & Collections

Welcome to the Fine Books Blog

Fine Books & Collections is pleased to welcome readers to what will be known simply as the "Fine Books Blog." Ian Kahn, owner of Lux Mentis, Booksellers, came to us with this idea a couple of months back. Ian is one of the enthusiastic young booksellers involved in the trade, and he's not only book-savvy, he's Internet-savvy as well (wait until you see the Facebook page he's created for us, but that's another story).

His notion was to have many voices participating in this blog. We liked that idea, since collecting and bookselling can often seem a very solitary activity. Our efforts online are very simply to build a community, and the Fine Books Blog, we hope, will contribute greatly to that effort. So, welcome, to the Fine Books Blog.

And now, Ian Kahn...