That's Entertainment, Or, Celebrity Excuses for Overdue Library Books

Back in February, I posted about the pilot of the airplane that safely crash-landed in the Hudson River, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, having a good excuse for not returning on time the library books he'd had with him on the airplane. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks so. The San Francisco Public Library tapped "Sully" and several other minor celebrities to do some public service announcements about the Library's Fine Amnesty Week -- May 3-16, 2009. During this week, library patrons can return overdue books without the penalty of a fine.

Click here to see Sullenberger's PSA, in which he explains how the books that landed in the Hudson are now being freeze-dried and restored.  Among several other PSA's on the site, the one by comedian and "sometime reader" Josh Kornbluth is also worth watching.

And for those of you who are San Francisco locals, get over to the San Francisco Public Library and return those overdue books.  

What's your excuse?

See you in the stacks!