April 2012 | Nate Pedersen

Smoke That Book

snoop-dog-weed-book.jpg Over the ages, thousands of books have been burned.  But how many of them have been smoked? 

We have long suffered from a lack of smokable books.  How often have you thought, "Man, it would be great to smoke right now, but all I have with me is this crummy book?"

Thankfully, Snoop Dogg, the rapper from California, has finally given us a book to address this problem: Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook.  The book contains some of Snoop's (self-professed) greatest lyrics.  Each page of Rolling Words is printed on rolling paper.  Got the lyrics for "Gin and Juice" memorized?  Great, now you can rip those pages out and smoke up.  As an extra bonus, the spine has a built-in matchbook striking surface. Snoop's got you covered in case you forgot your matchbook (but remembered your match).

Rolling Words, a promotional vehicle for Snoop's new "Kingsize rolling papers" is bound, of course, in hemp. And it's a collector's item in the making. If you can stifle your urge to smoke it, that is.

But I could never do it justice, so I'll let Snoop Dogg talk about this one himself: