Fairs | April 2010 | Rebecca Rego Barry

Saturday at the Fair

A much more leisurely day at the NY fair for me, not so for booksellers; when I arrived at noon, there was a line out the door to get in!

I was able to spend an hour strolling around, talking with booksellers I've never met before and looking around for some goodie to take home. Stopped in at Antipodean Books and had a lovely conversation with Cathy Lilburne, after which I purchased a fine first of Letters and Memories of Susan and Anna Bartlett Warner (1925). What a nice surprise! Susan Warner wrote the Victorian bestseller The Wide, Wide World, and I've been interested in the sisters ever since I wrote an article about them and their dilapidated house last year for Preservation magazine.

I chatted with Priscilla Juvelis, browsed the publishers' bindings at Sumner & Stillman, and discussed Thoreau with Donald (Rusty) Mott of Howard S. Mott, Sheffield, MA. I could have spent much more time, and MUCH more money, but it was time to go. My short weekend in the city consisted of research at the NYPL, book fair, a fabulous dinner, exhibit at the New York Historical Society, more book fair, and lunch at Zabar's. I'm already looking forward to next year. 

p.s. check out this super cool "library wallpaper" featured at the fair by cavernhome.com.