October 2016 | Nate Pedersen

Rare Books of Instagram (Part 2)

Two weeks ago I posted our first installment about rare books on Instagram.  I mentioned that round two would cover "booksellers and collectors," however I neglected a very important part of the Instagram universe: librarians with their own Instagram accounts, separate from their institutions. (A fact politely pointed out by Diane Dias DeFazio, herself a previous entry in our Bright Young Booksellers series and an avid Instagram user). Since then, we've received numerous recommendations for both librarians and booksellers / collectors, so I'll be splitting the recommendations into two more posts.  Today's post will feature those Librarians of Instagram; booksellers and collectors to follow another week.

And so, here we go!

@book_historia (Allie Newman, Assistant Librarian at the Royal Scottish Museum)


@thedamlibrarian (Rachael DiEleuterio, Librarian and Archivist at the Delaware Art Museum)

IGR6.jpg@t0mmy2times (Assistant Archivist at the Moravian Archives)

IGR7.jpg@rarebkcat (Rare Books Cataloger at American Antiquarian Society)

IGR8.jpg@archibrarian (Librarian with The New York Society Library )

IGR9.jpg@kpeck1916 (Library Assistant at Huntington Library)

IGR11.jpg@cnlibrarian (Christine Nelsen, Drue Heinz Curator at The Morgan)

IGR14.jpg@temptabundus (Librarian with The British Library)


@futitivepigments (An Information Custodian)

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 11.10.39 PM.png

@pleasant_peasants (A Folger Library Librarian)

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 11.16.19 PM.png

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