September 2013 | Nate Pedersen

New Agatha Christie Novel on its Way


The Agatha Christie estate has authorized HarperCollins to publish a brand-new Agatha Christie novel.  The book will be penned by bestselling British crime author Sophie Hannah.  Hannah's first novel, Little Face, was published in 2006 and sold over 100,000 copies. Her most recent novel is The Carrier, which came out earlier this year. Hannah won approval from the estate after presenting a detailed 100 page outline of her plan for a new Christie novel.

HarperCollins announced in its press release that the new novel would feature Hercule Poirot "in a diabolically clever murder mystery sure to baffle and delight." The new novel, as yet untitled, will be published in September 2014. Its events will take place sometime between The Mystery of the Blue Train (1928) and Peril at End House (1932). As yet, the estate has not commissioned any further titles, nor does it plan to bring back Ms Marple. For the time being, it wishes to proceed "cautiously" into this new endeavor.

Of course, Christie herself killed off Poirot in Curtain, the final entry in the Poirot series, published in 1975. Her feelings on the return of her iconic character remain up for debate.  Cynical money ploy on behalf of the estate? Or sincere effort to give fans more of what they want?  

Either way Christie collectors will soon have a new volume to add to their shelves.