The Modern Bookscout

Happened upon this very interesting new blog by bookseller (and sometime FB&C contributor) Matthew D. Jones, who sells in the San Francisco Bay area. The opening paragraph caught my attention, and I thought I'd pass it along:

In no great contrast to the modern era, the scout of yore cut a generally dismal figure on the street. Down at heel, sagging under the weight of his/her wares, usually with a drug problem or two, this was the domain of the literate addict or hopelessly unemployable English graduate with dreams of one day opening their own shop and getting off the street. Unless a part-time occupation, and however romantic this life might seem to those trapped behind a desk for 9 hours a day, it was and remains an existence of grinding poverty or at best subsistence living. Think more Bobby Westfall than Lucas Corso.
However, the internet has profoundly altered the way scouts and dealers do business...[read more].