March 2009 | Michael Lieberman

Malin Källman's Evolving Bookcase

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Malin Källman is a product design student at Edinburgh College of Art. For her final project she is building a bookcase using a methodology she is calling 'Design by Darwinism.'

Her goal is "to take as much as possible of the design process out of my own hands in order to create an object that is created for the user not for the designer."
She writes "The idea is to use the influence of potential users of the bookcase as my "natural selection" in order to Evolve it to its ultimate form. To do this I need lots of people with opinions to visit my blog and leave comments."

The latest component that was decided upon was the height of the bookcase:

Now she is asking for help in deciding some of the other features that will adorn the bookcase.

Here's the master list:
  • Shelving with lip to keep books from falling out
  • Shelving with wire sides to keep books from falling out
  • Shelves with alternating steps for easier climb
  • Splayed legs for stability sideways
  • Seat with an extra shelf underneath towards the back
  • Two extra shelves on back of staircase
  • Adjustable bookrest under staircase
  • Bent seat with armrest/ place for coffee-cup

You can vote here

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.