July 2015 | Nate Pedersen

The Library of Robert Easton

On Saturday, the first part of the library of collector Robert Easton heads to auction at Addison & Sarova in Macon, Georgia. Online bidding is open.

Robert Easton was affectionately dubbed the "Henry Higgins of Hollywood," working as a language and dialect coach on many films over five decades. Easton began work in Hollywood as an actor, however his true passion was language and his favorite hobby was collecting books.

"While 'on location,' from London to Shanghai and across 60 odd years of traveling, I have lovingly collected poetry, prose, humor, history, culture, slang and local literature.....often on my hands and knees in seedy secondhand bookstores, sweltering swap meets and fortuitous flea markets.  What a great time I had!," said Easton, reflecting on his wonderfully diverse collection of books, many of them related to language and dialect.

One of the auction highlights is a large selection of proverbs offered individually and in small lots. Many were sourced from the William Stirling-Maxwell collection of proverbs from Keir House, Scotland.

Addison & Sarova will follow this week's auction with another Easton auction in the fall, which will feature some of the rare and important items in his collection.

[Images from Addison & Sarova]