October 2016 | Nate Pedersen

Kickstarter Launches for a Facsimile Edition of Depero's Bolted Book


A Kickstarter campaign launched today for a new facsimile edition of the first modern-day artist's book.

Italian artist Fortunato Depero's 1927 monograph, Depero Futurista ("Depero the Futurist"), regarded as a landmark in the field, was first published in Milan by Dinamo-Azari. Depero intended the book to showcase his work-to-date in 1927. The book includes paintings, sculptures, textile and architectural designs, theater and advertising work, wordplays, manifestoes, and reviews of Depero's works in multiple languages. Depero Futurista was bound together by two large industrial aluminum bolts, allowing the pages to be removed for display, or rearranged as the reader preferred.  The bolts led to the nickname, "The Bolted Book."

"The Bolted Book" was supposedly issued in an edition of 1,000, however the actual number of copies produced in 1927 is not certain. The copy used for this facsimile edition is No. 843, signed by Depero on page two.

The new facsimile edition will be accompanied by a special Reader's Guide companion volume, inclusive of scholarly essays and other unpublished material from the Depero archive at the Mart. 

The Center for Italian Modern Art in New York, the Mart, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy, and Designers & Books are all collaborating to publish the new edition.

If you pledge $119 to the Kickstarter campaign during its first two days (October 18th and October 19th), you will receive the facsimile edition plus the Reader's Companion at 20% off the regular price.

Image Courtesy of Designers & Books.