John Gilkey Redux

Late last year I posted a brief warning that infamous book thief John Gilkey was again active. ABAA Security Chair John Waite just circulated this update on Gilkey:

Please be aware that convicted fraudster and thief John Gilkey is operating once again, likely out of northern California.  A comic book dealer in New York state is his latest victim.  Besides defrauding book dealers, Gilkey has also left his dubious mark in the print, stamp, and comics trades.  He was arrested late last year in San Francisco following a parole violation, but was released after he (or someone) posted $75,000.00 bail.  He then disappeared, but is active once again. He is a serious criminal who continually looks for new opportunities and deceptions.  An investigation by the SFPD is ongoing; there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

A comment left for the post linked above by Peter of First Used Books in Vancouver suggests Gilkey may also be working in consort with a couple of other men in Canada. 

Be on the lookout for this man: