Friday Read: Collecting Like a Pro

Today I direct your attention to a speech given by Alan Bamberger (a dealer of rare and out-of-print art books and an art consultant) to the Friends of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. It's titled "Collecting Art Like a Pro," but I think you'll find it could very easily apply to books, or any other type of collectible.

...Regardless of how you view your collecting, whether serious or recreational, there are techniques that you can use to maximize not only the quality and value of your art, but also your own personal enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of that art. Step one is being true to your tastes. This means acknowledging that you like certain types of art regardless of what you think you're supposed to like or what seems to be the current rage. All great collectors share this trait-- that's one thing makes their collections stand out. When personal preference is ignored in favor of the status quo, one collection begins to look just like the next. A few people dictate, the masses follow, everyone walks in lock-step, and the art you see from collection to collection becomes boring and repetitive....[Link to more]