Recent Publications | July 22, 2022

Folio Society Publishes Limited Edition of Peter Rabbit

Courtesy of the Folio Society

London — To mark the 120th anniversary of a story that has delighted countless children, the Folio Society is excited to publish exclusive editions of Beatrix Potter’s inimitable classic, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Strictly limited to 1,000 hand-numbered sets, these meticulously produced facsimiles perfectly replicate treasures from the archive of her publisher Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd.

Collectors can follow the emergence of the miniature masterpiece from the seeds of the story in a picture letter written to entertain a sick child, through Beatrix Potter’s privately printed edition with its distinctive line drawings, to the mock-up book – or maquette – handwritten in Potter’s beautiful script showing exactly how she wished the words and pictures to appear. With the full-colour commercial deluxe version first produced in 1902, the transformation is complete. Also tucked inside the elegant presentation box are charming replicas of five tiny Christmas letters, the famous Peter Rabbit picture letter, a giclée print of Peter wearing his signature blue jacket, and a hand-numbered limitation certificate.

The set is completed by a specially commissioned commentary volume comprising a delightful foreword from renowned actor, screenwriter and Beatrix Potter devotee Dame Emma Thompson, and a richly illustrated, authoritative history of The Tale written by Sara Glenn, Commercial Curator of the Warne Archive.

Beatrix Potter was a self-proclaimed perfectionist, who devoted extraordinary care to every aspect of her books. These same meticulous standards have been applied to the production of this anniversary edition – every illustration has been rephotographed from the originals so the colours are just as she intended. This glorious presentation of Potter’s finest tale is sure to delight even the most ardent fan.