December 2009 | Rebecca Rego Barry

The Folio Club


Isn't it heart-warming to know that there are still serious writers and publishers out there - the kind who labor over short stories? Yesterday a new literary magazine was launched. The Folio Club, an independently published literary zine in book form, is dedicated to the art of prose narrative. It has an absolutely gorgeous cover (pictured above), designed by Onsmith, an indie artist known for his comic art.

This 96-page debut issue features the work of Romy Ashby (author of The Cutmouth Lady, editor of Goodie Magazine,and songwriter for the legendary rock band Blondie), and Mark Saba, a poet, storyteller, and essayist. Robert Pranzatelli is the founding editor, publisher, and a contributor. The idea behind the publication is to fuse underground values with polished literary prose, with a splash of comic art. Named for an unfinished sketch by Edgar Allan Poe that depicted a dysfunctional writer's group, The Folio Club is slated to publish twice yearly.

The Folio Club is available through Amazon for $9. A good buy for your literary zine or comic art collection...