May 2009 | Michael Lieberman

Extreme Bookshelf Makeover

Here is one that could work in cities and towns across the planet.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is offering readers the chance to win a bookshelf makeover. The offer accompanies Kathy Flanigan's piece in their Home and Garden section titled; Novel ideas : Style rather than pile, your cherished book collections.

"You don't have to line up books like soldiers to make a bookshelf look like a library"

Here's their pitch:

"Contest - Get a bookshelf makeover

Are your bookshelves such a mess that you won't let your friends see them?

Do you worry about pulling out a book for fear of starting an avalanche?

You need help, dear reader, and we've got it.

Send us a photo of your bookshelf disaster, along with a few sentences about the embarrassment, hilarity or inconvenience it has caused you.

The worst bookshelf will get a free makeover from interior designer Merri Cvetan of Big Bend."

Before and after photos of the winning bookshelf will be posted in a future piece.

Thanks to Ron Charles for the lead.

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