November 2009 | Erica Olsen

Destination: Portland Beyond Powell's

On a trip to Portland, Oregon, this month, I made the requisite pilgrimage to Powell's Books. I also discovered Oblation Papers & Press, a letterpress print shop, paper mill, and stationery shop located in the city's Pearl District, about 10 minutes' walk from Powell's.

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With the holidays approaching, my eye was caught by Oblation's cards featuring dictionary-style definitions--a refreshing change from the usual visual clichés of the season. The cards are letterpress printed with soy inks on 100 percent cotton paper (which they make themselves using recycled garment industry fabric).

Oblation Papers & Press is located at 516 NW 12th Avenue in Portland's Pearl District. Up front is the retail space, where you'll find cards, stationery, and other paper goods. The print shop is at the back, with antique presses still going strong.