April 2016 | Nate Pedersen

Custom Literary Shirts and Scarves

lithographshirt.jpgIf you've always longed to have your favorite words draped around your body, your dream can now come true. A current Kickstarter campaign from the company Litographs, which has already attracted $56,000 in pledges, transforms your own writing or the text from your favorite novel into a personalized scarf or t-shirt. 

You start by choosing either an infinity scarf or a t-shirt. Next, you pick your text, either submitting your own or choosing from some 200 books in the company's collection. If pursuing the former route, Litographs suggests sending in your own stories or poems, the words of a loved one or friend, or any piece of text in the public domain. (They also mention it would be possible to print the first 40,000 digits of the number pi). Then you customize your font. Options include Baskerville, Helvetica, Courier, or Snell Roundhand. Finally, you choose the font color and font size, ranging from 9 pt to 32 pt.

If you'd like a shirt or scarf printed with text in Litographs' collection, you will need to pledge $30 to the campaign. Want to submit your own text? The pledge needs to come in at $40.  

Litographs had an original goal of attracting $15,000 in pledges. With two weeks still remaining in the campaign, however, the company has already tripled its pledge goal.