Complete Doves Type Alphabet Exhibited for First Time


Doves Press Bible (1903-1905), title page.

Emery Walker's House in London is to put on Mudlarking: Unearthing London's Past, running March 2 through April 28.

The highlight of the exhibition will be a complete alphabet of Doves Type from The Doves Press, the private printing press co-founded by Emery Walker and Thomas Cobden-Sanderson at the start of the 20th century.
It will be the first time a full set of Doves Type has ever been exhibited, since most of it has until recently been lost at the bottom of the River Thames after the two men fell out and Cobden-Sanderson unilaterally disposed of it. As well as focusing on the loss and recovery of the Doves Type, other mudlarked finds spanning London's history will also be on display. 

This exhibition and events programme have been guest curated by Jason Sandy, a local mudlark who donated twelve pieces of Doves Type to Emery Walker’s House four years ago, and is the author of Mudlarks: Treasures from the Thames and co-author of Thames Mudlarking: Searching for London’s Lost Treasures.